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About : Stickman Vs. Friday Night Funkin

The game plot "Stickman Vs. Friday Night Funkin" revolves around the character Stickman, a famous and talented fighter in the world of Stickman. He has been invited to participate in a major music competition where he has to face off against Friday Night Funkin, a popular and very difficult group.

The game is divided into different levels, each level corresponds to a song by the band Friday Night Funkin. Stickman faces the members of this musical group in a challenging musical competition.

The gameplay in this game is similar to other music games. You will control Stickman to move and dance to the beat of the song. When the music icons appear on the screen, you need to press the right time for Stickman to perform dance moves and beat the members of the Friday Night Funkin band. If you hit the wrong one or don't hit the right beat, you lose points.

For the best results in the game, listen and look hard at the music icons, trying to hit the right moment. If you play well, you will beat the members of the band and go further in the competition.

Here are some tips to help you play better in the game:

1. Listen closely: Listen to the music and stare intently at the music icons to hit the right moment. Don't miss any icons.

2. Practice: Try playing the levels again to master the movements and rhythm of the song.

3. Focus on the rhythm: Focus on the rhythm of the song and hit the right time. Don't let the rhythm distract you.

4. Sensitivity correction: If you're having trouble hitting the right timing, re-adjust the game's sensitivity settings to suit your playing style.

The game "Stickman Vs. Friday Night Funkin" offers a fun and challenging musical experience. Show your talent and win this music contest!


Use arrow let play game.