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About : Friday Night Funkin Sonic EXE

Friday Night Funkin Sonic EXE. is a unique version of the popular music game "Friday Night Funkin", where you will participate in exciting musical battles with Sonic, a famous character from the gaming world.

However, unlike the original version, this game brings a horror atmosphere with the appearance of Sonic.EXE, the evil version of Sonic.

Graphics and Music:

The game's graphical interface uses bold colors, with red and black lighting effects to create a terrifying atmosphere. Sonic.EXE appears in its characteristic dark and red form, with glowing red eyes, adding to the horror.

The game's music combines upbeat "Friday Night Funkin'" tunes with horror music elements, creating a unique experience. You will face a high-level challenge from Sonic.EXE in musical rounds consisting of various stages.


Players will take on the role of Sonic, trying to face and win musical battles against the evil powers of Sonic.EXE. The plot develops through dialogue and cutscenes, creating an atmosphere of mystery and drama.

Game mode:

Friday Night Funkin Sonic EXE. retains the gameplay mode of the original game, where players must press keys to the beat of the music to win. However, the difficulty is increased significantly when facing Sonic.EXE, creating a challenge that is not easy.


Use Arrow.