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About : FNF Sky Full Week

FNF Sky Full Week is one of the weeks in the game Friday Night Funkin' where players will participate in a dance competition with the character Sky.

This game belongs to the music and rhythm genre, in which the player will control the main character Boyfriend to fight other characters by pressing the correct keys corresponding to the music rhythm.

In FNF Sky Full Week, players will have to confront Sky, a female character with a unique style and personality. The dance competition will take place by pressing the correct keys according to the rhythm of the music, creating sounds that match the music and demonstrating Boyfriend's dancing ability.

The game is designed with an attractive interface, vibrant music and unique images. Besides Sky, there are other villains in the game such as Daddy Dearest, Mommy Mearest and many more.

FNF Sky Full Week has increasing difficulty levels, from easy to difficult, to challenge players' rhythm skills. You will have to stay focused and have quick reflexes to beat Sky and win the jumping competition.

Join FNF Sky Full Week to experience challenging and fun dance battles with Sky in the Friday Night Funkin' game.