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About : FNF vs Cartoon Cat Mod

FNF vs Cartoon Cat Mod is a customized version of the game Friday Night Funkin', where players will face off against the character Cartoon Cat in a dancing competition.

This game offers a new and unique experience, replacing the villain in the original game with Cartoon Cat - a horror and mysterious character from the internet.

You will have to press the right key at the correct time to make the sound and score. If you press wrongly or in the wrong rhythm, you can lose points and lose the game.

FNF vs Cartoon Cat Mod brings a fun and engaging experience with unique music and unique images of Cartoon Cat. The game creates a spooky and scary space, challenging the player's rhythm skills in defeating Cartoon Cat and winning the dance competition.

Join the FNF vs Cartoon Cat Mod to experience challenging jumping battles and a horror space with the character Cartoon Cat in the game Friday Night Funkin'.


You will play the character Boyfriend and participate in dance competitions with Cartoon Cat. Your goal is to press the correct keys to the beat of the music to win the competition.

The game uses a simple control system, players need to press the arrow keys according to the rhythm of the music to perform Boyfriend's dancing and singing movements.