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About : FNF B-Sides Remixes

Friday Night Funkin' B-Sides Remixes. is a unique expanded version of the famous music and rhythm game 'Friday Night Funkin'. The game gives players a new experience with remixes of popular artists. original songs, as well as diverse and creative musical challenges.

Unique graphic environment: The game retains the pixel art style of "Friday Night Funkin'", but adds new effects and details. Diverse environments, from dance studios to night streets, create an engaging backdrop for a musical battle.

New Characters and Settings: "B-Sides Remixes" introduces new characters and unique settings, expanding the "Friday Night Funkin'" world and adding gameplay variety.


Unique remix: The game stands out with unique remixes of original songs, bringing a new and innovative atmosphere. The music varies from pop, funk, to different music genres, creating a unique and rich playlist.

Exciting rhythm: "B-Sides Remixes" retains the signature rhythm playing mechanism of "Friday Night Funkin'", with exciting and rhythmic passages. Players will challenge their ability to hit the right beat to confront different characters in the game.


Battle new opponents: The game introduces new opponents, each bringing with them different remixes. Players will face them through rounds of tap beats and try to hold their own in the musical confrontation.

Multiplayer mode: In addition to single player mode, "B-Sides Remixes" also supports multi-player mode, where you can challenge your friends in exciting tap matches.