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About : Retro Bowl

Retro Bowl is a classic NFL football simulation game on mobile phones. The game is developed by New Star Games and features a combination of simple pixel graphics and exciting gameplay.

In Retro Bowl, you will take on the role of coach of a football team and try to lead your team to win matches. Here are some helpful tips and information to help you play better in this game:

Team building: You can hire and upgrade the players on your team. Make sure there is a balance between attack and defense. Pay attention to the attributes of each player to choose the right ones for your tactics and play style.

The right tactics: The game is designed to simulate real football, so choose the right strategy for the situation in the match. At the same time, make sure to coordinate well between your players to create powerful and stable attacks.

Here are some common terms in the game:

Offense: This is the part of the team used to attack when in possession of the ball. The task of the offense is to score points by moving the ball onto the opponent's court and bringing it into the end zone to record the touchdown. Offense includes positions such as quarterback, running back, wide receiver and lineman.

Defense: This is the part of the team used to prevent the opposing team from scoring. The job of the defense is to prevent the opponent's offense by trying to block the ball, catch the ball or block the passes. Defense includes positions such as linebacker, cornerback, and safety.

Touchdown (Touchdown Score): The highest score a team can score in a single attack. Touchdown is scored when the offense sends the ball into the opponent's end zone.

Field Goal: A shot that can be taken in a mixed situation or when the offense cannot score a touchdown. If successful, the team will get 3 points.

Pass: When the quarterback throws the ball to a player in the offense. The pass can be thrown short or far, depending on the situation.

Run: When running back (or another player) carries the ball with patience and finds a way to move through the defense.

Interception: When a player in defense intercepts a quarterback's pass during an offense.

Fumble: When a player in the offense loses the ball after a collision or technical error.

Yard: A unit for measuring distances on a football field. 1 yard is equal to about 0.91 meters.

End Zone: Two rectangular areas at the end of the field, each located at either end of the field. When the ball enters the end zone, the offense scores a touchdown.


Using the joystick: On the play screen, you will see control buttons like "Run", "Pass", and "Kick". Use them flexibly to adjust your playstyle and execute effective attack/anti-attack phases.

Multiplayer: Retro Bowl also offers a multiplayer mode, allowing you to challenge your friends. Challenge each other and see who can build the strongest team.