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About : FNF Girlfriend Test

FNF Girlfriend Test is a challenge game to test your ability to participate in a dance competition with the character Girlfriend in the game Friday Night Funkin.

In this game, you will play the role of Boyfriend and participate in dance competitions with Girlfriend. Your goal is to press the correct keys corresponding to the rhythm of the music to win the competition. You will have to keep the rhythm, control the character's movements and press the right keys at the correct time to create sounds that match the music.

The game has a variety of levels, from easy to difficult, to challenge your rhythm skills. You will have to concentrate and have quick reflexes to defeat Girlfriend and win the competition.

FNF Girlfriend Test is designed with a simple but attractive interface, vibrant music and unique graphics. This game is not only a fun, entertaining game, but also a way for you to challenge and improve your rhythm skills.

Take part in the FNF Girlfriend Test to show your ability to beat Girlfriend and become the king of the dance competition in the Friday Night Funkin game.