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About : FNF: Mii Funkin Vs Eteled Mod

FNF: Mii Funkin Vs Eteled Mod is a custom mod created by the player community for the game "Friday Night Funkin'". In this mod, players take on the role of Mii, a character from the Nintendo Wii game system, and participate in rap battles with Eteled, an original character created by the player community. The game brings not only exciting music but also a retro and familiar feeling from the older generation of games.

To play FNF: Mii Funkin Vs Eteled Mod, you need to download this mod from the FNF Modding community website. Once downloaded, you will install the mod into the Friday Night Funkin' game following the included instructions.

When you start the game, you will see Mii and Eteled represented on the screen, and you will use the arrow keys to control the character and participate in the rap battle.

Wishing you fun playing the game and experiencing exciting moments with FNF: Mii Funkin Vs Eteled Mod!


Follow the rhythm and rap lyrics, try to press the corresponding keys at the right time to create perfect melodies and rap lyrics.

Defeat Eteled and show off your rap skills to win this fight.