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About : Friday Night Funkin vs Void

Friday Night Funkin vs Void is a mod created by the player community for the popular game "Friday Night Funkin'". In this mod, players will face Void, a character who possesses ultimate power and creates a chaotic space.

The game includes vibrant and challenging EDM tunes. You will play as the character Boyfriend and participate in rap battles with Void, trying to keep up with the rhythm and rap lyrics to win. This mod provides a new and exciting experience for players who love Friday Night Funkin'.

Wishing you fun playing the game and success in competing with the Void!


Press Enter to start the game and follow the on-screen instructions to take on the Void.

Use the arrow keys to jump through the music symbols and adjust your rap lyrics to the beat.

Try to defeat Void with your rap skills and experience exciting and challenging music.