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About : Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a rhythm and dexterity game developed by RobTop Games. In this game, the player controls a character jumping over various obstacles in a unique 2D environment.

Here is some information about the game Geometry Dash:

Gameplay: Geometry Dash game has simple but challenging gameplay. The player must tap the screen to make the character jump and avoid obstacles in each stage. Your goal is to successfully pass the levels by guessing the right time and making the correct moves.

Diverse Game Modes: Geometry Dash offers a wide range of game modes such as "Practice" mode to practice skills, "Normal" mode to play the main levels, "Normal" mode to play the main stages, " Challenge" to try your hand at higher difficulty levels, and "Editor" mode to create custom levels.

Lively Music: Geometry Dash features upbeat music and rhythmic chorus, making for a thrilling and enjoyable experience. The music in the game is often synchronized with the obstacles and creates a sense of synchronized rhythm during play.

User Levels: Geometry Dash allows players to create and share their own levels through the in-game editor. This brings creativity and diversity to the gaming community.


Here are the usual control keys in the computer game Geometry Dash:

Up arrow key: Jump.
Down arrow key: Go down (usually used to avoid obstacles in the air).
Left arrow key: Move left.
Right arrow key: Move right.
Key C: Activate acceleration mode (automatically run faster).
R key: Restart the current level.
Esc key: Open the options menu and exit the game.

For the mobile version, the control key will be replaced by on-screen touch gestures. You will use tap or swipe gestures on the screen to perform corresponding actions such as jumping, going down, and moving left/right.