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About : Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels is a simulation game with simple but extremely attractive graphics. The game is developed by Jim Bonacci and published by Totaljerkface.

In Happy Wheels, players control a character using a bicycle, wheelchair, or other mobility device to complete various levels. Each level has its own goal, be it reaching the destination, collecting items, or performing specific tasks.

However, it is not easy when players need to overcome dangers and obstacles along the way. Happy Wheels is famous for its complex and difficult levels, and is also famous for its "gory" feature - meaning the appearance of blood and violent situations.

A particularly notable feature of Happy Wheels is the ability to create and share levels. Players can use the level creator to create their own levels or even play levels created by other players. This creates variety and creativity, and adds to the replay value of the game.

Happy Wheels is not simply a fun simulation game, but also brings unique and humorous experiences. With obstacle courses that both create a dramatic and engaging environment and bring smiles to players, Happy Wheels has become one of the classic and popular games on the gaming platform. online. You can play it now and here always Happy Wheels!