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About : BitLife

"BitLife" is a life simulation game developed by Candywriter. In this game, you will play as a person and go through life stages and events, from birth to death. The BitLife game is associated with the element of randomness and selection, creating unique and non-repetitive experiences every time.

Here is some information about the BitLife game:

Create a character: You can create a new player by choosing your gender, nationality and naming your character.

Life Management: In BitLife, you will manage your character's life from birth to death. You can choose career, study, love, marriage, family, property and many other aspects of life.

Decision making: The game allows you to make decisions in different situations, from small everyday decisions to important decisions that affect your whole life. Your choices in the game will have an impact on your character's development and success.

Random Events: BitLife offers a variety of random events and an in-game event system. You can go through unique and exciting experiences such as participating in social activities, meeting new people, going through difficult or lucky situations and much more.

Goals and Achievements: BitLife provides goals and achievements for you to complete as you progress through the game. You can try to achieve goals like becoming a billionaire, becoming a famous writer, or living a challenging life.