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About : FNF Baddies

The Baddies in Friday Night Funkin' are a collection of antagonistic characters that the player faces off against in rhythm-based rap battles. Some of the well-known baddies are:

- Daddy Dearest: He is the first antagonist encountered in the game and is the father of the main character's girlfriend. His creepy appearance and challenging songs make him a formidable opponent.

- Pico: Originally from the game Pico's School, Pico is a trigger-happy, purple-haired badass with a dark past. He appears as an enemy in Week 3, bringing his own unique style and intense energy to the rap battles.

- Mommy Mearest: She is a robotic version of the main character's mother, who tries to prevent her daughter from dating her boyfriend. Her songs are fast-paced and tricky, proving to be quite challenging for players.

- Senpai: As the love interest of the main character's girlfriend, Senpai becomes a rival in Week 5. He is shy and somewhat oblivious to the battles occurring around him, but he still puts up an impressive fight in his songs.

- Monster: The final antagonist of the base game, Monster is an otherworldly creature with multiple eyes and a sinister presence. The final battle against Monster is considered to be one of the toughest in the game, with intense beats and challenging patterns.

These are just a few of the baddies encountered in Friday Night Funkin'. Each one brings their unique style, songs, and challenges to the game, making it players an exciting and dynamic experience for.