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About : Friday Night Funkin': Broken Moon

Friday Night Funkin': Broken Moon is a mod for the rhythm-based indie game Friday Night Funkin'. It introduces a new storyline and characters to the game, while keeping the core mechanics and gameplay intact.

In this mod, the protagonist, Boyfriend, finds himself in a mysterious world ruled by the Broken Moon Corporation. The corporation has taken control of everything, from the city to the music, and enforces its strict rules on the residents. Boyfriend must battle against a variety of unique and challenging opponents in order to bring back the freedom of music and harmony to the world.

The mod features original songs, new backgrounds, and custom charts for each opponent. It also includes new dialogue, cutscenes, and interactions with the characters, further immersing the player into the storyline. The difficulty of the mod increases gradually, providing a challenge for both new and experienced players.

Friday Night Funkin': Broken Moon mod adds a fresh twist to the original game, offering new gameplay experiences and a captivating story. It combines the addictive rhythm mechanics of Friday Night Funkin' with exciting new content, making it a must-play for fans of the game.