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About : Starlight Mayhem

Starlight Mayhem is a special rhythm game based on the popular game "Friday Night Funkin'". In this game, the player takes on the role of the main character "Boyfriend" and engages in musical confrontations with other characters.

Starlight Mayhem brings a new story where Boyfriend and his girlfriend, "Girlfriend", are drawn into a mythical world and face new characters. The game features a series of musical classes and different confrontation stages where the player must hit the right beat to beat their opponents.

Starlight Mayhem has beautiful graphics, vibrant music and exciting gameplay. Players will feel the excitement and challenge when trying to pass the difficult levels and achieve high scores.

The game also offers a multiplayer mode, allowing you to challenge your friends to musical confrontations. You can play this game on your computer or mobile device.

Starlight Mayhem is a very interesting game and suitable for those who love rhythm genre and want to challenge their reflexes.


To play Starlight Mayhem, you need to use your keyboard or remote to press the corresponding keys to the rhythm of the music. Here is the basic gameplay of the game:

Use arrow let play game.

- Start the game: After starting the game, you will see a screen with options. Select "Play" to start playing.

- Choose character and stage: You can choose Boyfriend or Girlfriend character to join the confrontation. Then you will choose the stage you want to play.

- Music confrontation: When the game starts, you will see Boyfriend or Girlfriend standing in front of your opponent. Arrows will appear from the top and you need to press the corresponding keys on the keyboard or remote to hit the rhythm.

- Beat your opponent: You need to hit the right beat and complete rhythm sequences to beat your opponent. If you hit the wrong beat or don't hit the right beat, your score bar will decrease. If you get a high score, you win and proceed to the next stage.

- Multiplayer mode: If you want to play with your friends, choose multiplayer mode and share the keyboard or controls with other players. You will challenge together and see who is the best player.

Hope that you will enjoy the Starlight Mayhem game and have enjoyable musical experiences!