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About : Friday Night Funkin' vs XE Mod

Friday Night Funkin' vs XE Mod is a mod of the popular music game Friday Night Funkin'. This game is built on the principles of the original game but comes with many new features and content, especially the complete change of characters and music of the game.

In this mod, the player continues to play the main character, the music arena is where you try to win the musical confrontation with other opponents. XE Mod adds a new set of characters, including XE, Gekko, Miku and many others, giving the game diversity and appeal.

How to play Friday Night Funkin' vs XE Mod is no different from the original version. The player will control the Boyfriend character, trying to press the correct arrow keys corresponding to the music points on the screen. By hitting the right beat, you will gain points and win rounds.

This mod version is especially about music, bringing a completely new soundtrack and mixing diverse music genres from hip-hop, EDM to pop and rock. High-quality music makes the game more interesting and makes it fun to play.

Friday Night Funkin' vs XE Mod provides players with a new and more varied musical challenge. Thanks to the new set of characters and music, the game offers new and exciting experiences for those who have completed the original version and wish to discover more interesting things in the musical world of Friday Night Funkin'.