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About : Friday Night Funkin' VS. KAPI

In the popular rhythm game Friday Night Funkin', one of the mods that you can play is called "VS. KAPI." This fan-made mod introduces a new character named KAPI, who challenges the main character, Boyfriend, to a musical showdown.During the VS. KAPI mod, you'll encounter three unique songs that you'll need to navigate through by pressing the correct arrow keys in time with the music.

As the songs progress, the difficulty level increases, presenting a fun challenge for players.KAPI is a colorful and energetic character, with their own distinctive style and personality. The mod also includes new backgrounds and animations to enhance the gameplay experience. It's a great addition for fans of Friday Night Funkin' who are looking for fresh content to enjoy.Remember, mods are created by fans and are not officially affiliated with the original game.

So, if you're interested in trying out the VS. KAPI mod or any other mods, you can easily find them online by searching for "Friday Night Funkin' mods" and following the installation instructions provided by the creators.Have fun and enjoy your musical battles with KAPI!


In the match Friday Night Funkin' VS. KAPI, the main control keys include:- Use the up, down, left and right arrow keys to move through the opponents and filter.- Use the Spacebar key to play music according to the content displayed on the screen. screen.- Enter key is used to start the match or press again when the match ends.- Escape key is used to return to the menu or exit the match.