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About : Friday Night Funkin' Touhou Mod

Friday Night Funkin' Touhou Mod is a mod created by the community for the popular indie music game Friday Night Funkin'. This mod combines two main elements, Friday Night Funkin' and Touhou, creating a new and exciting experience for players.

In Friday Night Funkin' Touhou Mod, players will be transported into a world full of colors and unique music. This mod introduces characters from the Touhou Project, a popular Japanese game series, and popular songs from Touhou that will be used in the gameplay stages.

The gameplay of this mod is similar to the original version of Friday Night Funkin'. Players will control the main character - Boyfriend, and challenge rival characters by scrolling the lines of words that play out on the screen and hitting the right beat, creating the perfect sound. The more successful in defeating the opponent, the player will progress to more difficult stages and face increasing musical challenges.

This mod, in addition to embellishing with new characters and songs, also changes the background image and effects, creating a more intuitive and engaging experience.

Friday Night Funkin' Touhou Mod is a great mod for those who love both these games. It offers a great combination of music, story and gameplay, creating a fresh and exciting version of Friday Night Funkin'.