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About : Friday Night Funkin Minus Mod

Friday Night Funkin' Minus Mod is a customized version of the popular dance music game Friday Night Funkin'. This mod has been created by passionate developers and provides a new and exciting experience for the players.

In the Minus Mod version, the player will continue to take on the role of the main character, Boyfriend, who is trying to win the heart of the Glove Bear and defeat other opponents in rap duels. However, the unique feature of this version is the significant increase in difficulty and speed of the songs and levels played.

The game works similarly to the original version, where the player will have to properly press the corresponding arrow keys as they move to the bar shown on the screen. To win, the player needs to achieve a higher score than the opponent and complete the music dances smoothly. However, performing precise movements in Minus Mod will require more concentration and reflexes than in the original version.

Friday Night Funkin' Minus Mod also comes with a bunch of customization features such as sound, graphics and configuration settings, allowing players to tweak the game to their liking.

Friday Night Funkin' Minus Mod offers a challenging and enhanced dance experience for players who love the music dance series. With new songs and speed boost, this Mod will not disappoint the fans.