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About : Friday Night Funkin' HD


In the game Friday Night Funkin HD, the player plays the role of Boyfriend - a guy who is passionate about music and wants to win the heart of his ex-girlfriend, Girlfriend. However, to prove his love and trustworthiness, Boyfriend must overcome challenges in a dance competition.

The plot revolves around Boyfriend having to confront a series of talented opponents in different lands. Each opponent has a unique musical style and personality, posing different challenges to Boyfriend.

Boyfriend must fight through exciting musical stages. Faced with attractive music, Boyfriend needs to press the right keys around the screen to the rhythm of the music to win. Increasingly difficult, the rhythm is faster and the difficulty increases, requiring high concentration and gaming skills of the player.

Opponents to fight:

Daddy Dearest: This is the father character of Girlfriend, a famous singer and quite difficult.
The Spooky Kids: A trio of demonic boys with uncanny rapping abilities and a love of mysterious sounds.
Pico: A daring teenager who owns a gun and explores space and time.
Mommy Mearest: Girlfriend's mother, a famous stage performer, always considers Boyfriend a danger to her daughter.
Senpai: The guy Girlfriend is after, shown through the competition in the competition.


Listen carefully to the melody and rhythm of the song to hit the right keys.
Learn the basics like pressing, holding, and moving keys to the correct rhythm.
Practice to strengthen your skills and focus in playing the game.
Observe the on-screen graph for the keys to appear and hit at the right time.

Featured songs:

"Daddy Dearest" - Theme song by Daddy Dearest.
"Monster" - Song performed by The Spooky Kids.
"Philly Nice" - Song by Pico.
"M.I.L.F" - Tip Mearest perform.
"Sarvente's Midnight Mass" - Senpai theme song.


Keys to play Friday Night Funkin HD:

Use the arrow keys (left, right, up, down) to press the right keys on the screen to the rhythm.
Use the Space or Enter key to confirm the menu choices.