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About : Friday Night Funkin, But Bad Mod

Friday Night Funkin, But Bad is a fun music and rhythm game where players will participate in a dance competition to win the hearts of their girlfriends and overcome other competitors. However, this version offers a more difficult and sometimes frustrating experience.

The gameplay of this version is not much different from the original version. Players will control the main character, Boyfriend, in dancing to the beat of the music to defeat the opponent. The difficulty in the game increases due to the faster music speed and the variety of buttons to press.

Right from the start, players will feel the pressure and difficulty, because the music level is faster and the buttons appear continuously. This requires players to react quickly and have good rhythm control skills. Besides, bugs and animal fleets can appear frequently, annoying and distracting the player.

The graphics and sound in this version remain the same as the original version, creating an interesting and attractive musical environment. However, playing this poor version can be more tiring and stressful than the original version.

Although sometimes a challenge, playing this version can sometimes make players feel frustrate and lacking in fun. However, with patience and practice, players can overcome challenges and achieve high scores.

Friday Night Funkin, But Bad offers a more difficult and challenging gaming experience than the original version. Despite the less fun aspects, players can participate in the exciting dance competition and see if they can beat all their opponents in the competition.