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About : FNF Wednesday's Infidelity

Wednesday's Infidelity is one of the games in the Friday Night Funkin' (FNF) series. This game is developed by a group of music enthusiasts and gamers called KadeDev.

In Wednesday's Infidelity, you will play as the main character Boyfriend, who is trying to win dance competitions with other characters. The game usually has 3 different stages: Easy, Normal and Hard, each stage has different levels to challenge the player.

The music in the game is the highlight, it is created by talented music producers. Wednesday's Infidelity has a rich and varied list of songs, from fast-paced and vibrant melodies to soft, easy-to-listen tunes. You will have to press the corresponding keys on the keyboard to keep up with the rhythm of the song and beat your opponent.


Wednesday's Infidelity is a fun and challenging game for those who love music and dance games. If you want to experience the rhythm and feel of the fun beat, try playing this game.


Wednesday's Infidelity has a rich and varied playlist. Here are some of the songs in the game:

- "Wednesday" - This is the main theme song of the game, performed by Boyfriend and other characters.

- "Cheating" - This is the song of the opponent in the game, representing the tough and challenging parts that Boyfriend has to face.

- "Love Triangle" - This song represents the love battle between Boyfriend, Girlfriend and rival.

- "Infidelity" - This is the song that opens the Hard phase of the game, bringing fast and challenging tunes.

- "Betrayal" - This song represents betrayal and heartbreak in the game's story.

- "Reconciliation" - This is the final song in the game, expressing reconciliation and emotions after the struggle.

In addition, there are many other songs in Wednesday's Infidelity that you can discover while playing the game. Each song has its own tone and challenge, providing a varied and enjoyable musical experience.


To play Wednesday's Infidelity, you need to use your computer's keyboard. The main keys include W, A, S, D or arrow keys to move, and the key presses correspond to the arrows that appear on the screen. You need to hit the right keys and follow the rhythm to keep the high score and advance to the next stages.