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About : FNF Vs. Zardy

In the game FNF Vs. Zardy, the player will play the main character Boyfriend, along with his girlfriend Girlfriends, are going on an unlikely musical adventure. They begin their journey from the real world to a strange musical world, where music holds power and power.

- On the screen, the player will see lines of lyrics appear and Boyfriend will have to dance and sing along to them.
- Along with that, other characters, including Zardy, will join the game and perform the music by singing along and dancing to the tempo.
- Players will use the arrow keys (left, right, up and down) to control Boyfriend and keep up with the rhythm of the song.
- It should be noted, only when the player correctly presses the control buttons with the rhythm, Boyfriend can continue to perform. Otherwise, the game is over and the player loses.

- Listen and learn the melody of the song before you start playing. This makes it easy for the player to keep up with and in sync with the rhythm of the music.
- Practice and practice regularly to master the controls and keep up with the rhythm. This helps to improve reflexes and playing skills.
- Pay close attention to the instructions and indicators on the screen to know exactly when to press the button. This helps to avoid making mistakes and losing points.
- Use left and right arrows to change Boyfriend's position on the screen. This helps players get out of an overwhelming situation and increase their ability to respond when encountering more difficult controls.

Hopefully with the above plot and tips, you will be able to enjoy the FNF Vs game. Zardy and perform creative music!


Use arrow keys to play.