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About : FNF Vs. Tord: Red Fury

In the game FNF Vs. Tord: Red Fury, players will take the role of Tord, a character full of surprises and challenges from the webcomic series "Eddsworld". Tord decides to participate in a famous dance competition where he will face different opponents, including famous characters from the FNF game.

Ways to win:
1. Learn the music: To win the game, the player needs to learn and memorize the music correctly. The songs will be displayed on the screen and the player needs to press the corresponding keys correctly to continue the competition.

2. Focus on Rhythm: Competitors will try to make players lag and fool by putting their feet up, changing speed or creating special effects. Players need to focus on the rhythm and not lose track.

3. Use special tricks: Tord will use special tricks to boost scores and jam opponents. Use shortcuts or special skills that Tord has to create powerful combos and conquer opponents.

1. Boyfriend: This is the main character of the game FNF, a guy who loves music. He has many special skills and vibrant songs.

2. Girlfriend: As Boyfriend's girlfriend, she also participated in the contest and had memorable songs. She can be a difficult opponent for you.

3. Whitty: Is a mysterious and dangerous character. With his angry looks and punk music, Whitty will challenge players with quick songs and complex techniques.

4. Pico: A slightly different but equally interesting appearance. Pico has a bunch of hip-hop style songs, and he'll beat you to the punch with this variety of tunes.

5. Tankman: A character with a funny and interesting style, Tankman will challenge players with military and unexpected music.

Game FNF Vs. Tord: Red Fury comes with a bunch of upbeat and popular songs from both series. The songs will enthrall the player and challenge the opponents with Tord. Here are some songs that can appear in the game:

1. "Red Fury" - The main song in the game, describing Tord's passion and determination in the competition.

2. "Power of Love" - Romantic music to express the love and bond between Tord and other characters.

3. "Rap Battle" - A challenging and catchy hip-hop song.

4. "Epic Showdown" - The final song when Tord faces the strongest opponent.


Use arrow keys to play.