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About : FNF vs TABI Ex Boyfriend

"Friday Night Funkin' vs Tabi Ex-Boyfriend" is an expansion of the popular music game "Friday Night Funkin'". This game focuses on the confrontation between the main character - you and Tabi Ex-Boyfriend, your ex-boyfriend.

In this game, you will play as the main character, controlling a character dressed in the hip hop style of FNF. The game includes many hip hop songs with vibrant and catchy beats for you to pass. Your task is to press the correct keys corresponding to the dancing symbols moving on the screen to win Tabi Ex-Boyfriend.

The game "Friday Night Funkin' vs Tabi Ex-Boyfriend" has increasing difficulty through the levels, you will encounter fighting stages with complex and fast music. You need quick reflexes and precise keystrokes to defeat Tabi Ex-Boyfriend. If you don't press the right button at the right time, your health bar will decrease, and if it reaches 0 you will lose.

In addition to playing through interactive levels and brawling with Tabi Ex-Boyfriend, the game also offers other features such as a special visual mode, Multiplayer mode for you and your friends to play together, along with pages various custom costumes and tracks.

The game "Friday Night Funkin' vs Tabi Ex-Boyfriend" gives players a challenging musical experience and competition in getting back at Tabi Ex-Boyfriend and winning. You will feel the joy of overcoming musical challenges and completing this game.