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About : FNF Vs. Tabi Ex Boyfriend

FNF Vs. Tabi Ex Boyfriend revolves around the love story between the main character (Player) and Tabi, your ex-boyfriend. After the breakup, Tabi decides to challenge you to a dance competition to prove that he deserves to be reunited with you. You'll face Tabi and battle through striking tunes and dance moves to prove your talent and determine the future of the relationship.

Tabi (Ex Boyfriend): Is the main character of the game. He is your ex-boyfriend and wants to reunite with you. You will have to fight him through the required tunes and dance moves.


To start playing, press the "Play" button on the main screen.
Use the arrow keys (Left, Right, Up, Down) on the keyboard to move between the music tiles.
Follow the musical tile lines and press the corresponding keys when the tile line passes through the combo box.
Try to keep the tune right to get high scores and go far in the game.
Defeat Tabi (Ex Boyfriend) in rounds to the ultimate victory.


In the game FNF Vs. Tabi Ex Boyfriend, features a number of popular tracks, including:

"Ugh" by Kawai Sprite.
"Guns" by Cheshyre.


Use the left, right, up, down arrow keys on the keyboard to move between the music tiles.
Press the corresponding key when the music tile goes through the matching tile to score.

Enjoy the game FNF Vs. Tabi Ex Boyfriend and have a great time!