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About : FNF Vs. Suicide Mouse

The plot of the game "FNF Vs. Suicide Mouse" revolves around the story of the main character Boyfriend, who wants to show his love for his girlfriend Girlfriend through participating in a dance competition. However, when they arrive at the contest site, they discover that Boyfriend's opponent is not a real person but a strange monster known as the Suicide Mouse.


In the game, the player takes control of Boyfriend and engages in a musical confrontation with Suicide Mouse. You'll need to hit the right music keys to the beat and tempo of the song to win. When you press right, the thread will continue to move forward and backward, if you press wrong.


The plot of this game revolves around the adventures of the main character in the game FNF (Friday Night Funkin') when he has to confront the character Suicide Mouse. Suicide Mouse is a horror and scary character, with the task of making it difficult for the main character.


Music in the game FNF Vs. Suicide Mouse is designed to present an atmosphere of horror and tension. You will hear scary melodies and powerful beats throughout the game. This will create a fun and engaging experience for players.


The gameplay of the game is similar to FNF, you will control the main character with the arrow keys on the keyboard to fight in the music rounds. You need to press the right music buttons shown on the screen to win. Watch out, as Suicide Mouse will try to hinder you by increasing the difficulty of the songs and the different challenges.


Use arrow let play game.