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About : FNF Vs. Sonic.Exe

In this story, the main character is a guy named Boyfriend and his girlfriend, Girlfriend. They discover a strange game called "FNF vs Sonic Exe" on their own. This game is not only a fun music game but also has horror and bizarre elements.

When Boyfriend and Girlfriend started trying out the game, they realized that Sonic Exe - the game's protagonist - had taken over everything and turned the world poisoned and full of demons. Sonic Exe has made the characters in the game dangerous and wants to destroy Boyfriend to control everything.

To defeat Sonic Exe, Boyfriend and Girlfriend must prove their musical talents through in-game musical challenges. They must win the rounds and defeat the monsters controlled by Sonic Exe. The songs in the game are the key to victory, and the story moves on to the next level of difficulty each time Boyfriend and Girlfriend overcome an opponent.

How to beat your opponent:

1. Pay attention to the rhythm: You need to listen to the exact rhythm and melody of the songs to catch the moment when the hit is ready. Jump and knock as buttons are shown to gain points and knock down your opponent.

2. Keep pace: While playing, Boyfriend and Girlfriend must maintain speed and rhythm so as not to be blocked and defeated by opponents. Try to avoid missing buttons or sliding your fingers on the keyboard.

3. Use patience: Sometimes, the opponent can become difficult and cause many risks. Be patient and use the time to figure out the tips and ways to win.

4. Learn from your opponents: Each opponent in the game has its own characteristics and rhythm patterns. Learn from each match and use what you've learned to beat your next opponent.

Songs in the game FNF vs Sonic Exe may include:

1. "Sonic Exe Theme"
2. "Friday Night Funkin' Theme"
3. "Dad Battle"
4. "Thorns"
5. "Spookeez"
6. "Senpai"
7. "Guns"
8. "MILF"
9. "Pico"
10. "Blammed"
11. "Sonic Vs Boyfriend"
12. "S.A.N.S"
13. "Winter Horrorland"
14. "Mother"
15. "Roses"

Note: Playlists may vary according to special editions or player preferences.


Use the Up, Down, Left and Right buttons to follow the rhythm.