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About : FNF Vs. Pibby: Glitched Legends Mod

FNF Vs. Pibby: Glitched Legends Mod is a colorful and exciting music game in the "Friday Night Funkin'" game line. In this game, you will face off against the character Pibby, a legend known for his uniqueness and unique dancing skills.

The game brings a long and rhythmic journey, making you unable to take your eyes off the screen. You will encounter diverse and harsh rhythm challenges that require your concentration and skill.

The game's graphics are vibrant and creative, offering a world accompanied by vibrant music. You will experience unique melodies and music, creating a wonderful combination of sound and image.

Get ready to face Pibby and overcome rhythm challenges to prove that you are a true legend. Start your adventure and immerse yourself in the magical rhythms of Glitched Legends!