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About : FNF Vs. Nonsense

The game "FNF vs Nonsense" is a mod version of the popular music game "Friday Night Funkin'". In this version, you will confront the character Nonsense, a character created by the gaming community.

How to play this game is quite simple. You will control your main character using the arrow keys on the keyboard. Your goal is to press the correct keys that correspond to the music buttons that appear on the screen to the rhythm of the song. You need to maintain the right rhythm and press the right keys to defeat Nonsense and win.

Here are some tips to help you win the game "FNF vs Nonsense":

- Practice Rhythm: To beat Nonsense, you need to be able to maintain the rhythm and hit the right keys at the right time. Practice the rhythm by playing back previous songs or using the in-game practice mode.

- Reading rhythm patterns: The rhythm patterns that appear on the screen will help you know when to press the key. Focus on the rhythm patterns and understand them so you can hit the right keys.

- Health bar monitoring: In the game, there is a health bar that shows the difficulty of the song. Keep an eye on this bar to see when to ramp up your efforts and make sure you don't lose too much health.

- Use keyboard shortcuts: In the game, you can use shortcuts to change game configuration and settings. Take advantage of these shortcuts to customize the game to your taste and optimize the gaming experience.

- Play multiple times: Don't get discouraged if you can't win the first time you play. Try again and practice to master rhythm patterns and improve your skills.

In the game "FNF vs Nonsense", there are several keyboard shortcuts that you can use to customize the game configuration and settings. Here are some common keyboard shortcuts:

- Enter: Start the game or confirm the options in the menu.

- Esc: Return to the main menu or exit the game.

- Up/down/left/right arrows: Move through menu options.

- Spacebar: Press the Spacebar key to select menu options or start the game.

- +/-: Adjust music volume.

- M: Turn on/off the sound.

- P: Stop the game.

- F4: Toggle full screen or windowed mode.

- F5: Reload the game.

- F12: Take a screenshot.

Be sure to check the game configuration or the included manual for more on "FNF vs Nonsense" game-specific keyboard shortcuts.

Hope the above information and tips will help you win the game "FNF vs Nonsense". Wish you have hours of fun and fun while playing the game!


Arrow Keys or WASD.
Space and Enter.