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About : FNF Vs. Human Impostor V2

FNF Vs. Human Impostor V2 is an interesting fighting game developed based on the famous game "Friday Night Funkin'" and inspired by the popular online game "Among Us".

In this game, players will take on the role of the main character of "Friday Night Funkin'" and confront the human impostor (Human Impostor). The game will take place through a series of exciting musical rounds where you need to control your character to show off his dancing and singing abilities.

Each round will have a unique music and buttons will appear on the screen according to the rhythm of the song. Players need to accurately press the correct buttons to continue winning and advance to the next round. However, the human impostor will try to hinder you by creating fake challenges and buttons. You need to react quickly and press the right buttons to overcome these challenges.

The game offers a variety of difficulty levels, from easy to difficult, to challenge the player's skills. Can you conquer all the rounds and emerge victorious?

With beautiful graphics and exciting music, FNF Vs. Human Impostor V2 gives players an exciting and addictive experience. Take part in this musical adventure and prove that you are an excellent dancer and ready to face any challenge!