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About : FNF Vs. Hayase Nagatoro Mod

FNF Vs. Hayase Nagatoro Mod is a colorful and fun music game in the "Friday Night Funkin'" series of games. This game brings a vibrant confrontation with the character Hayase Nagatoro, a naughty girl full of personality.

In this game, you will participate in challenging rhythm rounds with Hayase Nagatoro. You will need to hit the right lyrics and perform the right dance moves to show off your dancing ability.

The game's graphics are outstanding and creative, creating a colorful and vivid world. You will experience catchy melodies and unique music, helping you immerse yourself in the joyful and enthusiastic atmosphere of the game.

Get ready to face off against Hayase Nagatoro and show off your dancing talent. Beat her in rhythmic rounds and prove that you are a top dance star! Start your musical adventure with FNF Vs. Hayase Nagatoro Mod now!