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About : FNF vs Goku

FNF vs Goku is a mod in the game Friday Night Funkin', where two worlds intersect: the world of the main character Boyfriend and the world of the legendary character Goku in the animated series Dragon Ball Z. This mod brings to the dramatic musical match between the two characters.

The game begins when Boyfriend and Goku face off in a rap competition. Players will control Boyfriend and participate in a series of fun musical battles. Your task is to press the correct keys corresponding to the arrows that appear on the match screen.

The keys corresponding to the arrows will appear from the top of the screen, and when they reach the Boyfriend's head, you need to press them in the right order and at the right tempo. If you complete a certain phase without making mistakes, you will earn points and advance to the next phase. However, if you make too many mistakes then the game will end and you will lose.

In this match, music will be used from both worlds: Boyfriend's music and the background music from Dragon Ball Z. This creates a diverse and exciting match. You will see the unique combination of two worlds and feel the harmony of rap melodies with famous cartoon music.

The game FNF vs Goku not only requires fast and precise interaction from the player, but also brings fun and challenge when you have to face the character Goku with extraordinary speed and power. Let your talent be demonstrated by performing musical elements correctly and defeat Goku in this competition!