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About : FNF Vs. Garcello

Game FNF Vs. Garcello is one of the mods of Friday Night Funkin rhythm game. In this mod, you will face off against Garcello on four new tracks. Garcello is a controversial figure in the FNF community. He is a smoker and has a guitar.

To win the game FNF Vs. Garcello, you need to pay attention to some of the following factors:

1. Adjusted Play: Make sure you've conquered previous opponents' songs to master the basics.

2. Pay attention to timing: Playing to the right beat is important. Make clean and precise music to earn you extra points.

3. Read and react quickly: Follow the moving arrows and performance icons to react promptly and without losing points.

4. Pay attention to the "stress" bar: Make sure that the "stress" bar does not reach a high level, because if it is too high you will lose points and lose the game.

Songs in the game FNF Vs. Garcello includes:

1. "Greedy": The song corresponds to "Week 2" in the game.
2. "Exhaust": The song corresponds to "Week 2" in the game.
3. "Bomb": The song corresponds to "Week 6" in the game.
4. "Crewmates": The song corresponds to "Versus Mode" in the game.


- Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to dance and fight to the beat of the music.

- Try to get a high score and win the musical confrontation with Garcello.