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About : FNF Vs. Bob Week Mod

FNF (Friday Night Funkin') Vs. Bob Week Mod is another fan-made modification for FNF that introduces a new opponent called Bob, who challenges Boyfriend to a series of musical battles. The Bob Week Mod adds custom songs, unique visuals, and a storyline specific to Bob's character.

In this modded week, players will face off against Bob, a quirky and charismatic character. The goal is to hit the notes correctly and keep up with the rhythm to outperform Bob and advance through the week. As with other FNF mods, players can expect new songs, different backgrounds, and additional dialogues specific to Bob and his story.

The FNF Vs. Bob Week Mod adds a fresh twist to the FNF gameplay experience, offering players new challenges and levels to enjoy. It showcases the creativity and dedication of the FNF modding community, expanding the game's content and providing fans with exciting new content to explore.