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About : FNF Vs. Bob and Bosip

The FNF game, which stands for "Friday Night Funkin'", is a unique musical tempo game. In the FNF Vs version. Bob and Bosip, your opponent will be two characters Bob and Bosip. Bob is a yellow robot and Bosip is a blue robot.


They are quite interesting characters in the story of the game. The music in the game includes hip-hop, electronic, and funk-style chords. You will be shown your ability to dance and sing to the rhythm and melody of the songs to progress through the different levels. How to Play FNF Vs. Bob and Bosip are pretty simple.

Opponents to confront:

Bob: Is the main character of the game. He's on a mission to beat you with upbeat tunes and dance moves.
Bosip: This is the ultimate opponent of the game. Bosip is a dangerous and difficult character to fight. You will have to confront him to complete the game.


Start the game by pressing the "Play" button on the main screen.
Use the arrow keys on your keyboard (Left, Right, Up, Down) to move between the music tiles.
Follow the musical tiles and press the corresponding keys as the tiles pass through the combo box.
Try to keep the right tune to earn points and get as far as possible.
Beat Bob and Bosip in rounds to the ultimate victory.


Listen closely to the melody and rhythm of the song so that it's easy to hit the right key at the right time.
Focus on the music tiles so you don't miss any keys, and also limit unnecessary key presses.
Practice levels from easy to difficult to improve your skills and achieve higher scores.

Music tracks:

Game FNF Vs. Bob and Bosip features several popular songs, including:
"Doki Doki" by Cameron Taylor
"Madness Combat" by Cheshyre
"Monster" by Skillet.


Use the left, right, up, down arrow keys on the keyboard to move between the music tiles.
Press the corresponding key when the tile goes through the combo box to get the score.
Wish you have hours of fun and fun while playing the game FNF Vs. Bob and Bossip!