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About : FNF Untitled Goose Mod

FNF Untitled Goose Mod is a thrilling adventure game combining two famous games, "Friday Night Funkin'" and "Untitled Goose Game". The game offers an interesting and unique storyline, where players will take on the role of an extremely mischievous goose, in a colorful musical world.

The game begins with the "nameless" goose being dragged into the world of "Friday Night Funkin'" - a world where all manner of musical confrontations take place. The chicken will have to overcome climactic battles with the main characters in the original game, by acting with crowing sounds or funny and adorable actions.

However, it's not just about music, the goose must also complete disruptive and overwhelming tasks in the world of "Untitled Goose Game". From stealing things, teasing others, causing trouble for those around them, chickens will bring a humorous and interesting atmosphere to players.

With colorful scenes, humorous performances and diverse environments, the FNF Untitled Goose Mod game creates a thrilling adventure experience unlike any game before. Players will experience both the feeling of participating in a musical battle and the adorable mischief of a mischievous goose.