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About : FNF Indie Cross

In the freeplay menu, FNF Indie Cross, a mod of Friday Night Funkin', showcases renowned characters from various indie games. With three songs per week and additional bonus songs, this mod offers players three exciting weeks of gameplay.

Playing the FNF Indie Cross game will give you the chance to battle it out against well-known indie game characters like Bendy, Cuphead, and Sans.

In order to achieve victory in the game FNF Indie Cross, one must synchronize their actions with the rhythm of the song and use the key presses that match the arrows displayed on the screen to defeat the opponent character. It is essential to keep an eye on the visual tiles on the screen as they provide information about your score and the state of your adversary.


You have the option to control this game using either the keyboard or mouse. In order to navigate and enjoy the audio features of the game, you can utilize the arrow keys.