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About : FNF Granny Mod

FNF Granny Mod is a Mod version of the game Friday Night Funkin', bringing a new and exciting experience to players. In this game, the player will play the role of the main character and have to fight the fiercest grandmother ever - Granny.

How to play FNF Granny Mod is quite simple. Players will control their main character with the arrow keys, follow the beat of the music and perform dancing and singing movements to win scores. The player's goal is to defeat Granny by passing musical rounds.

During the game, you will see indicator bars such as Rhythm, Health and Stress Meter. The Rhythm bar will display the accuracy of your keystrokes to the beat of the music, while the Health bar will display your remaining health. The Stress Meter will gradually increase over time, and when it reaches its maximum level, if you cannot overcome Granny, you will be caught and the game is over.

The game offers a variety of songs and difficulty levels, from easy to difficult. You can challenge your playing ability by choosing higher difficulties to create high-score combos.

FNF Granny Mod not only brings new fun to players, but also makes the game completely different. It combines two game genres into one, where you need your skills in fighting and syncing with the music beat to win against Granny and complete all the challenges. Get ready and show your talent in the FNF Granny Mod game!