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About : FNF Don't Listen Amanda The Adventurer

FNF Don't Listen Amanda The Adventurer is a famous music and rhythm game. The game revolves around the main character Amanda, a talented explorer searching for legendary treasure.

The content of the game revolves around Amanda having to confront different opponents in different lands. Each opponent will have different songs and difficulty levels, requiring players to have rhythm and quick reactions.

To win the game, the player needs to control Amanda to perform dance moves and sing to the beat of the songs. Players need to press the correct keys corresponding to the suggestions on the screen to achieve high scores and surpass their opponents. The opponents will become increasingly difficult making the game more challenging.

However, to win the game, players need to have concentration and good rhythm ability. It should be noted that pressing the wrong key or not in the right rhythm can cause you to lose points and even lose the game.

FNF Don't Listen Amanda The Adventurer is an exciting music and rhythm game that requires players to have rhythm and quick reactions to overcome opponents and emerge victorious in the treasure hunt adventure. by Amanda.