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About : FNF: Big Brother Mod

FNF Game: Big Brother Mod is an expanded version of the rhythm game "Friday Night Funkin'" (FNF). In this game, players will face off against a powerful character called "Big Brother".

To win the game, you need to pass all the rounds and get the highest score possible. The way to achieve that high score is through accurately responding to each beat, not missing the rhythm button, and avoiding being beaten by Big Brother. Moreover, you also need to consider and correctly coordinate the arrow keys according to the rhythm to defeat Big Brother and advance to the next round.

The FNF: Big Brother Mod game comes with some exclusive songs for this version. Each round will have its own song, creating excitement and challenge for players. In-game songs can vary with the difficulty of the round, with songs getting faster and more complex as you progress further in the game.

In summary, the game FNF: Big Brother Mod is an interesting rhythm game that requires players to have concentration and good handling of rhythm buttons. To win, you need to pass all the rounds, beat Big Brother and pass the exciting song in the game. Get mentally prepared and ready to challenge yourself by playing this game!


The player uses the arrow keys to successfully convey the rhythm buttons, while Big Brother tries to stop and beat you by playing the rhythm buttons in reverse. Players need to eat and drink each rhythm right to keep the opponent singing to the beat and continue the game.