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About : FNF 2 Player

FNF 2 Player refers to two-player mode in the popular rhythm-based game Friday Night Funkin'. In this mode, two players can compete against each other by taking control of different characters and trying to outperform each other in various songs.


The objective of the game is to hit the arrows that correspond to the notes as they come down the screen. Each player needs to press the correct arrow key when the note aligns with the arrow at the top of their character. The player with the highest score at the end of the song wins.


FNF 2 Player mode is a fun way to compete against a friend and see who has better rhythm and timing skills. It adds an extra level of excitement and challenge to the game and can lead to intense and enjoyable gameplay sessions.


For FNF 2 Player (Friday Night Funkin' virtual 2 player) mods, the control is usually split into two parts to allow both players to play simultaneously on the same device. Here is information about the keys each player will use:

Player 1 (Boyfriend, protagonist):

Up Arrow: W
Down Arrow: WILL
Left arrow: A
Right Arrow: EASY
Player 2 (Rival character):

Up Arrow: Up Arrow (keyboard arrow key)
Down Arrow: Down Arrow (keyboard arrow key)
Left Arrow: Left Arrow (keyboard arrow key)
Right Arrow: Right Arrow (keyboard arrow key)
The players need to press the key corresponding to the arrow that appears on the screen and try to keep the rhythm while playing.